Who I am and what I do

Currently developing and producing national productions under contract for Maryland Public Television. Expertise in documentary and reality television development and production with specialties in history, science, technology, music & comedy broadcast projects.

Philip J. Marshall / Producer

I know how to create ideas that pinpoint targeted markets. I put together and manage award winning creative teams for the budget at hand and maximize quality and production values. I like the Roger Corman approach to filmmaking; If we have to shoot something can it be used for something else as well?

Philip J. Marshall / Director

I pick characters and people to interview that are interesting to explore. Sometimes they are not directly connected directly to the subject. They are counterpoints to telling the story. In fact, I try to find people who are complex, ambiguous, even contradictory.

Philip J. Marshall / Writer - Editor

Filmmaking is the best way in the world to learn about something. When I come out the other side after making a film about a particular subject, I have exhausted my interest in it. Luckily I've never run out of ideas.

My Mission

I am excited by the extraordinary possibilities available for for all types of content at this threshold of change. Much of the new technology will require new thinking and fresh approaches. A challenging, changing and exciting new business model is being thrust upon us now whether we like it or not. Many are perhaps not even aware of it but we are at a threshold of enormous growth potential but it will require serious re-thinking. I strive to be at the forefront of that re-thinking in my current and future endeavors.

My Vision

Technology has make it simple to capture images and sound but it takes training dedication and practice to take the raw material and shape it into lasting visual art. I am fiercely loyal team player devoted to my clients but I will not hesitate to stand up for my rights when necessary and thus I continue to be a member and support the activities of my trade union the DGA.

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    Kismetic Productions, Inc.
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